Ok yes.

It’s true that I’ve not posted in some time.

But I’ve been busy reading about Mesoamerican creation myths and pretty much living in constant fear that the fourth age is about to end with the Earth being ushered into the fifth age by some spider grandmother after some white dude dressed in red shows up. #HopiIndiansHaveTheBestStories

So there’s that. I’ve been busy, ok.

As Mrs. All the Yums has been yelling at me to write a review and do something productive, I am attempting to write. But I feel slow. Like I just want to sit out on my front porch and slowly, casually eat a sandwich that will make me feel good. Because that all we want, right? I feel like food is forgetting it’s main function after basic survival. Food isn’t supposed to be art. Or daring. Or avant-garde. Food is supposed to be tasty and make you feel like everything is going to be alright. Like a nice hug. Only, in your stomach.

That’s why today’s All the Yums post is going to be hosted from our front porch with my new favorite, slow day, make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, sandwich.

Today is for Bay Boy Specialty Sandwiches.

So what’s a Bay Boy? It’s a sandwich shop in the West Plaza area that’s just like my wife. Small and hot. But for real, their space is small and very toasty. I’d recommend going on a cooler day or take it to go.

What makes them different is their buns. I believe they’re called the Dutch Crunch and it is my new everything.


It’s a great sandwich bread as it’s super soft but you still get a real nice texture with the crunchy cracks. When eating a sandwich, texture is king.

As for what we ordered, it was a Friday so I went with their daily special, the El Jefe.


The El Jefe is their take on a cubano. It was wonderful and if it asked for my non-existent daughters hand in marriage I would say yes. It consists of smoked mojo pulled pork, sliced honey ham, swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and hot pepper sauce. It really was fantastic.

Mrs. All the Yums went with the standard Bay Boy sandwich.


It’s a cold sandwich (el jefe is served warm) filled with genoa salami, garlic sauce, hot pepper sauce, mayo, mustard, lettece, pickle, red onion and some cheese.

We ate these on a perfect slow day where we didn’t need to be anywhere and didn’t have to do anything. Which are my favorite kind of days. So maybe that permeated into my subconscious and influenced my opinion on these but I loved these sandwiches. They were great. It was a fantastic lunch. You should totally go check this place out.

It’s not a fancy place. It’s not a “I’ve got to Instagram the inside” kind of place. It’s a “this is a damn good sandwich” kind of place.


4706 Holly St, Kansas City, MO 64112


Thursday Closed
Friday 11AM–8PM
Saturday 11AM–8PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 11AM–3PM
Tuesday 11AM–3PM
Wednesday 11AM–3PM

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