The other day we got an Instagram message from Caffetteria inviting us to come check out their food before they open. If you’re wondering if that made us feel really happy inside, you’re right. It did. We felt all types of fancy. Pinkies up, bitches.

So what’s Caffetteria? It’s a new restaurant in Prairie Village. What’s the food like? It’s like your Italian Grandma got super into Pinterest and design. It’s modern, very, very tasty and comforting. But we’ll cover that in a moment.

Caffetteria was created by Jo Marie Scaglia (the creator of The Mixx) in an attempt to create “slow food fast” and give people a taste of the communal table vibes her family grew up with. She took the time to talk with us and we really liked her. She was kind, looked like she was enjoying herself and helped cook everything. If you see her, give her a high five.

The inside looks great. And that’s coming from the only male that was at the opening (we need to address the gender imbalance when it comes to food, where my food bros at?). The design definitely skews female, but I still could appreciate their choices. It’s clean without becoming sterile and has fun, retro-50s touches with pastel colors and older set dressing by the cafe.

Now for the food.

I’m not sure what we were expecting getting invited, but man, did they treat us all well. They cooked every single thing on the menu. And I ate every single thing on the menu. I was most definitely judged by the others. But I’m not going to talk about it all, mostly because I forgot to take photos of it all (too busy eating) but I will highlight some of our favorites.

First, pizza.


They have this amazingly cool pizza oven that self-rotates and can cook a pizza in 90 seconds. It’s best feature? It managed to make a pizza with pear on top of it (not pictured) taste delicious. That means a lot coming from me. I despise pizza with fruit on it. I think it’s crazy. But truthfully? I ate about 4 slices of that pear pizza and I loved it. How I’ll ever be able to face my father, I don’t know, but that’s my cross to bear.


Next up, chicken.


The first thought in my head when the chicken came out was, “there’s no way a place that looks like the dream Pinterest Board of my wife could possible have bomb-ass chicken.” But boy, was I wrong. Their rotisserie chicken was fantastic. The skin, God, the skin … the seasoning was perfect and it had just the right amount of crunch. SO satisfying. The meat fell off the bone just by looking at it. I loved it so much. I wanted to Hannibal Lector it and put it on my face but I didn’t. This is a nice place and my wife would have been very disappointed in me.

Then, the corn.


The charred corn on the cob was amazing. It was served with some kind of cilantro, green goddessy sauce. Just super tasty. It also 100% did not get stuck in my teeth. It was very tender and I enjoyed having it on the cob. You just don’t get that a ton outside of a cookout that your Dad is helming. Shout-out to Dads.

Notable mentions –


Pimento Cheese. I’m very glad it was there. I enjoyed it. I ate almost all of it. Sorry ladies at my table.


CANNOLIS, BABY! I ate 4 of these and I’m not ashamed at all. Crispy and gooey. Like my body after eating a ice cream on the beach.


They have a whole counter dedicated to sweets. It looks very pretty and I have dangerous plans for that cake. Dangerous plans. 


There’s also a coffee bar as well. I had a lovely black coffee at the end of the feast. It was nice.

Now I know what you’re thinking.

What were the bathrooms like? 

They were pretty great. Especially if you want selfies.



I sent Mrs. All the Yums to shoot in the bathroom as it became clear to me awhile ago that a 6 foot 6 man bringing a camera into the bathroom can seem a bit aggressive and unsettling to most people.



The lighting is great for bathroom selfies, our shooting was just super bad. I think it was the 4,000+ calories we just consumed that made us unable to hold focus. Trust us. Great bathrooms. Very clean. Gave us confidence in the food we ate.

We might also include that Caffetteria will be working with the charity organization HALO. HALO provides housing, healing and education to at-risk and homeless children. Pretty cool, in our and probably everyone else’s opinion.

End thoughts –

This was a fun evening for us and I’m so very thankful they included us. We were by far the smallest “foodies” there but they still fed us great food and treated us well. We highly recommend you try it out next week when it opens and we can’t wait to see your bathroom photos. If you tag us, we’ll be pleased.

Caffetteria opens March 14th.

25 On The Mall, Prairie Village, KS 66208

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