The world is collapsing before our eyes.

The elites plan to divide and conquer us is working. We’ve never before been at such odds with one another. And, much like the fabled Sith, we’re dealing only in absolutes.

So what can we do?

The answer is to find common ground in bomb-ass brunch.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times but I honestly think good food is the path to peace. And a great place to start is Happy Gillis. I saw a lot of people that I instantly hated here, mostly because their beards were way cooler then mine, but the food was all, “Bruh, come one. Give them a chance.” And I did. And it was good.

Welcome to Happy Gillis.


Happy Gillis is a pretty trendy place in Columbus Park. It’s very simple, doesn’t try to overwhelm you with a multi-page menu (I’m looking at you, Cheesecake Factory) and honestly pulls off some amazing things using pretty much only portable gas-powered stoves.

The first thing you need to know is that this is not a sit down and order with a waiter situation. You walk in and place your order at the front station first. From there, you stand awkwardly waiting for people to stop lingering over their empty plates and free up a goddamned table. Your conversation is not that interesting. Trust me, I’ve been eavesdropping the whole time. Also, Cindy sounds tacky as shit.

The decor is very simple. And I’m 90% certain they consulted with Dolores Umbridge on aesthetics.


If you don’t get that reference, chances are that I hate you.

The rest of the space is pretty nice as well.



And no. I’m not the lady in red.

There’s self-serve coffee for when you wait as well. Which leads me into my two criticisms of this place. Which is honestly pretty good as I’m a fairly judgmental person. Anyways, they ask for tips on the register, yet there are no waiters. And the coffee is self-serve. So they’re putting you in an awkward situation. I don’t want to be the guy that does’t tip, but other than the cooks they are not really doing anything that warrants a tip. It’s pretty uncomfortable. The second criticism is that this place is a little expensive. Borderline overpriced.

But then the food comes. And I forget all my negativity.

I ordered the Biscuits and gravy with one egg and a side of bacon.



It was glorious.

First – let’s talk the bacon. It was perfect.

Thick cut, not over cooked and tasted like it was fried in duck fat. Seriously one of the best sides of bacon I’ve ever had. I’m not joking.

The biscuits were dense and wonderful. The gravy was definitely on the creamy side but it was’t too rich as pepper and butcher sausage balanced it out. As for my egg, it was an egg. You get it for the yoke.

My wife rocked the breakfast sandwich which was filled with webster city bacon, scrambled farm eggs and aged cheddar on what they call “grains galore”.


The cheese was the real mvp here. SO. DAMN. GOOD. Also – the bread was great. It came off closer to a subtle rye than anything which gave a nice sharpness that broke through the creaminess of the cheese. It didn’t come with any sides, so take note. It was enough for my wife but then again she could survive on one sweet potato every other day like Russian peasant. Too dark? That kinda felt dark…


I liked this place. I don’t know if it will become a routine deal though as the seating/ordering/tipping processes wasn’t my favorite but you should 100% come and enjoy the food. The food was fantastic.

How would we rate it?

Taste: 9/10

Value: 6.5/10

Environment: 7 “I must not tell lies”/10


Verdict? Come. Eat. Dream about owning a storefront in Columbus Park.

Happy Gillis

549 Gillis St, Kansas City, MO 64106


Tuesday 8AM–3PM
Wednesday 8AM–3PM
Thursday 8AM–3PM
Friday 8AM–3PM
Saturday 8AM–3PM
Sunday 9AM–3PM
Monday Closed

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