We here at All the Yums, Inc. are always on the lookout for new food. Mostly because in our minds, there’s nothing worse than eating the same, available nation-wide, tastes the same in every city, food day in and day out. The Gods blessed this world with the ability to make some crazy delicious things. Like, as science has yet to prove otherwise, we’re the only place in the Universe with burritos. So we make it a priority to go try everything – whether it’s fancy, pinkies-up food, or beat-up hole in the wall, there’s no way this place is FDA-compliant food. And let me tell you, we’ve found one tasty, tasty, tasty place that’s not really on the map. At least not on ours.

Welcome to Mugs Up Drive In.


So we’re not sure if you’ve heard of this place or not, but we really hadn’t until Mrs. All the Yums drove past it on the way to an event at the Boys and Girls club in Independence. It’s this tiny little drive-up that looks like something straight out of Back to the Future. Apparently there were several of these back in the day. Now? Like the fabled highlander, there is only one. You can read about its history here.


So we did some digging and found out that they do two things that highly interested us. First, Mugs Up makes their own root beer. Which I think is awesome. Especially since root beer is usually an afterthought in the soda world. It doesn’t get the respect it deserves. If you’re anything like us, you used to pretend it was a real beer when you were a kid and would take a long draw, then sigh heavily. Just like your dad after, what you would later realize, was a soul-crushing day making another human wealthier while just barely staying afloat in an endless maelstrom of debt and responsibility. And second, they serve a type of hamburger that we’ve never had or heard about before. The loose meat burger.

Let’s start with the root beer, though.


Guuurl, shit was fantastic. It was creamy, refreshing and not overwhelmingly syrupy like some root beers can be. Also, they place the tray on your window. Just like in the movies. It felt legit. It’s like what Sonic tried to go for. Only Sonic is like the Disneyland version of this. Overly-watered down and too clean. Mugs Up nails it.


Also, they serve it in mugs. That’s a simple observation, but you’d be surprised the amount of places that don’t see their theme all the way through. I’m looking at you, AppleBees


Annnnnnnnnd they’re gone.

Now let’s talk burgers.


ohhh boy.

Real talk here. I’ve never had this kind of burger before. This was the “Whiz”. It’s a loose meat burger with velveeta cheese, onions, pickles and mustard. Loose meat, you can imagine, is just that. These are not patties. They are more clumps of very loosely packed meat. AND HOLY SHIT IT’S THE BEST DRUNK FOOD I COULD EVER HAD THOUGHT OF. I’m not joking. These things are so so so so so so good. I love them. I want them. They are a part of me now.


The buns are also worth talking about. They are nice and dense. Not like those chalky, airy buns you find at other, not Mugs Up, places. These things are great.


That may look gross, but you need to trust me. I can’t stop thinking about them.


We also ordered the Chili Whiz (seen above). It’s the same as the Whiz except it has chili inside of it. You should buy this as well.

In fact, you should buy one of everything. This place is very affordable. Each burger ranges from like $2.55 to $3.55 and they are filling. I’m 6 foot 6, ate two and felt great. It’s a great value.


One other note, our waitress was fantastic. Her name was Janice and she’s lovely. She told us all about the place, what we should order and even asked if she wanted to take our picture outside of the Drive-in when she saw me taking pictures of everything. If you see her, you better be nice to her. She’s All the Yums royalty.

Worth noting – Mugs Up also has a diner which we will be going to soon.

Before we wrap up, I’d also like to ask that you follow us on Instagram. We’ve been trying to post way more often there. And seeing our followers number go up is a vanity that I enjoy.

So how would we rate it?

Taste – 9/10

Value – 10/10

Environment – 8/10

Bathrooms – It’s a mystery.


Verdict? I’m quitting my job to move closer to Mugs-Up.

700 East 23rd St S, Independence, MO 64055


Sunday Closed
Monday 11AM–8PM
Tuesday 11AM–8PM
Wednesday 11AM–8PM
Thursday 11AM–8PM
Friday 11AM–8PM
Saturday 11AM–8PM

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