Bella Napoli – The Best There Ever Was

Nothing is constant in the world. People change, places change, politics change, the price of Netflix changes. Hell, not even time is constant. That shit changes all the time. But […]

Town Topic – Where I plan to spend my retirement

I realize that I write a lot about breakfast on this site. It can’t be helped. Breakfast is the Alpha meal. All other meals are just buying time for when breakfast food can […]

1889 Pizza Napoletana – Like looking into my wife’s dreams

So there’s been a bunch of hip pizza places popping up in KC. Il Lazzarone, Pizza Bella, Pizza 51, Spin, Artego, etc. It’s like the pizza version of the great […]

West Bottoms Kitchen – Where did this come from?

What’s West Bottoms Kitchen like? Ever go to the store and look around for whatever you’re looking for, but no matter how hard you look you can’t find it? Then […]