Dang it’s been a hot minute since we’ve posted anything on here.

I’d like to tell you all that I’ve been super busy doing some cool work. But the truth of the matter is that I’ve been on a spirit quest to open my mind’s eye in order to peek into other dimensions to see what kind of food they eat. Nah. Not really. But that would be cool. I just got a new job.

Anyways, All the Yums has a whole bunch of backlogged places. So maybe we’ll update a little more frequently. First up? Pot Pie.


So what’s Pot Pie like?

Ever mess up bad. Like, real bad? You feel trapped and alone. Surrounded by your failures. But then your dog or cat or parrot comes over to you and cuddles with you, and for one fleeting second, you forget. You forget about what you’ve done or what you need to do. You forget about the world and exist as a child once again – free of everything that weighs a soul down as you sit and pet a lovely pet.

Pot Pie is kinda like that.

It’s comfortable. It’s good. It reminds me of an easier life.

And more importantly, it’s tasty AF.

So what did we order?

I went classic. Chicken Pot Pie.


First impressions? It’s huge. Which I’m instantly a fan of as I’m a giant that eats a dangerous amount of food. I feel like you’re assuming I’m writing in hyperbole right now. It’s important you realize I am not. I eat a stupid amount. I’m calling it now that food is how I die.

The crust is super delicate and flakey. Slightly salty and deeply satisfying. Kind of like hitting the 100 point zone in skee ball. The inside was HOT. Magma hot. But years of not waiting for pizza rolls to cool down has prepared me to eat this like a boss. My one complaint on the crust was that there wasn’t a bottom crust. Only the top.


Big chunks of chicken and super creamy gravy fill it up inside. My OTHER one complaint is that I could have used a lot more veggies in mine. But it was very good. I’ll be here next snow day for sure.

The wife went with the Beef Pot Pie which was essentially a pot roast wrapped in flaky crust. It was so good. VERY rich. If you’re a lightweight it may be too rich, so I’d recommend getting one of each meat to break it up. Or don’t. I don’t care. I’m not your mom and this is America. Do what you want.



We pretty much licked our bowls clean. It was a very good lunch.

How were the the bathrooms? Good. Not great. But good enough.


So how would we rate it?

Taste – 8/10

Value – 8/10

Comfort – 9.5/10

Bathrooms – 7/10


Verdict? Come here when you need a hug in food form.


Pot Pie

904 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111

CLOSED Sunday and Monday.

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